Why go In Search of the Great America?


The videos will be an integral part of the journey, In Search of the Great America, capturing the beauty of the the towns and cities along the way. I am asking librarians to nominate someone in their community for the podcast, and I am asking local videographers to make 5-10 minute videos showing what is special about their community.

These will include scenery from the route, short interviews with the podcast guests, interviews with the host and audio clips from that week.

The podcast will host the full interview and will be purely audio. This allows the guest’s words to register and for their story to unfold without any snap judgements based on how the person looks. The wonderful thing about audio is the intimacy of hearing someone’s voice without knowing their age, race or gender.

This May, performance artist Laura Milkins embarking on a virtual journey In Search of the Great America , a radio lab performance art project. From May – October 2020, Laura will interview people from all 50 United States, asking people to define their great America: past, present and future.

  • Where did you grow up and what was it like?
  • Was there a time in history that you thought America was great and why?
  • What is great about America now for you?
  • What does your great America look like in the future?
  • Who are we when we are our best as citizens?

Searching for connection and healing in these divisive times. Perhaps we all have more in common as Americans than we are led to believe.