5 – Pueblo, CO: To Learn, Understand, Grow and Be Able to Share That With Others In Search of the Great America

Episode 5. Michael Diaz describes a Great America where education is important so we can learn, understand, grow and be able to share that with others. He is a father of four who enjoys playing with his kids in the park. He has been working in the IT industry or over 20 years. With his and his wife’s diverse backgrounds and fond memories of family traditions, which range from Saint Patrick’s Day to making Christmas tamales, he makes sure to pass them down to his own kids. His Great America is about opportunity, dedication and inspiring others.
  1. 5 – Pueblo, CO: To Learn, Understand, Grow and Be Able to Share That With Others
  2. 4 – Springer, NM: To Start Recognizing Hearts Rather Than Political Positions
  3. 3 – Albuquerque, NM: A Strong Economy Based on Sharing, Love, and Compassion with Christopher Valles
  4. 2 – Show Low, AZ: Thinking About Others Rather Than Ourselves with Daryl Seymore
  5. 1 – Phoenix, AZ: What it Means to be a Neighbor with Clottee Hammons

Weekly podcast

Hello! I am your host, Laura Milkins.

And I am going In Search of the Great America.

This project is a weekly podcast asking people to define their Great America: past, present and future. My original plan was to travel to the largest city and a small town in each state and interview people along the way. Due to COVID19, I am now embarking on a virtual road trip and doing the interviews virtually.

Despite these changes, I still plan to follow my original route and get to know this country through these cities and towns. I want to discover what makes each place special. There will be a one minute video of each city or town to show some of the highlights of living there. Also, my resident historian, Tom Prezelski, is writing the history of each location based on when it was “great.” This could be an exciting economic boom time, a calm, peaceful moment in its history or a time when the town came together to solve a problem.

Based on these stories, I will interview someone from the community that represents one of the groups or organizations that played a role in that history. Each interview is 15 minutes and my guest will discuss their vision of a Great America outside of politics and policies. I hope to discover the diversity, complexity, and community connections that already make us great.

So… What’s your Great America?