In Search of the Great America brings stirs emotions, tugs at heartstrings, causes outrage and clamors for answers.  We know that everyone out there has something to share about their idea of the GreatAmerica.  And we want to hear it.

The show has five prompts:
• What was it like where you grew up?
• Was there a time in history when you thought America was great, and what was great about it?
• For you, what is great about America now?
• What does your Great America look like in the future?
• Who are we when we are at our best?
I’ll ask these questions in this order. You can think about your answers ahead of time or just show up and share on the spot. Keep in mind that too much preparation or reading the answers can sound stiff or impersonal!

This show and host do not have a political statement or message. The stories will be told in their original form as shared by you, and only edited for ‘ums’, ‘urs’, awkward pauses and anything that you wish to have removed. I hope to take this question out of the political framework of policy making and into a personal perspective. You can remain anonymous or give your full name if you so desire.