Love for our Country…

usa_city_lights_space_night_satellite_map_sky_earth-923258I just listened to Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention. Her words speak to my heart and resonate with the hope I feel for our country.

This project is dedicated to creating an open space for people to tell their version of a Great America, whatever that looks like for them. I believe that a positive approach to defining who we have been, who we are and who we want to be has real power in the world.

Politics are endlessly frustrating for me, as people fight and nag each other over the fine points of how to run the nation. What I feel is missing in that equation is a real sense of how are all connected and could work together to build a better way of being, a future that we want to live in, and a legacy for future generations.

So often, it just seems to be about winning the argument.

Or arguing for the sake of arguing.

So a big thank you to Michelle Obama for speaking so beautifully about her love and hope for our country. Wether or not you agree with her vision of a Great America, her passion is touching.

Michelle Obama’s 2020 DNC keynote address