Interview #1: My Great America Returns to Jazz!

This is just another temporary blog post (the second one).  This is not a real blog post.  This is what your SoundCloud post looks like when it appears on the HOME PAGE.  But I have included the SoundCloud embedded link that also shows up on the Home Page as shown below:

The first post is a podcast from Woman 1 who lives in Michigan and remembers a time before the Detroit riots and ‘white flight’.  Listen to her explain why her Great America is one where people are not afraid to self-segregate.  This is not a real post, but it is just an example of what a real post might look like for the first SoundCloud post for interview with a SoundCloud embedded episode.  Instructions (just like The Depression Session): #1. Describe the post.# 2. Name the interviewee.  #3. Post a featured image.   #4. Include the SoundCloud post #5. Checkmark the appropriate categories.

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