Interview #4 This is My America

My vision sees America reducing its dependency on energy imports, especially foreign oil, for this is a dependency that draws us into senseless wars and incites terrorist attacks. Instead, we will use renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power to put us back on the path to self reliance. This path will also reduce air pollution, greenhouse gasses and global warming. America’s future requires a holistic approach towards the stewardship of the earth, using science, ethics, and spiritual awareness to help save our planet and her precious resources.

In the future, where the dividing lines between friend and foe are less clearly drawn, the world will still need to depend on our military to help maintain global stability. My father is a retired veteran who was sent overseas to help fight the war against terrorism. He felt it was his duty and an honor to serve his country. Because of the prolonged separation from their families and the difficulties of war, some veterans suffer combat related mental and physical health issues and economic hardships. In my vision, veterans will receive the respect and gratitude from our government for all they have sacrificed for the American people. It is one of financial support for our active military and one that pays honor to its returning warriors.